Te whakaū tiwhikete (whakawhanaketanga ngaio pūmau) 


Participation in the Board’s annual recertification programme requires engagement in continued professional development (CPD). The process is mandatory and applies to all psychotherapists holding a current APC.

Recertification plans are completed through your MyPBANZ portal.

The Board’s recertification programme is intended to be a self-reflective process. Psychotherapists are required to identify areas for development relevant to their current practice. The appropriateness of activity undertaken is up to each psychotherapist in consultation with their clinical supervisor.

Towards the end of each APC year, psychotherapists should  review what was intended in their areas of development and indicate how the learning undertaken has contributed to their practise.

Recertification plan tips

  • Each plan covers the APC year 1 October to 30 September. Please ensure dates recorded reflect the practising year and are accurate and clear.

  • The annual recertification plan refers to personal development in the areas of psychotherapy; cultural competence; and standards of practice.

  • All recertification plans must include the date the plans were last sighted by your supervisor. It is expected that supervisors sight the reviewed recertification plan close to the APC renewal period.

  • Please follow the directions on the template and put the correct/relevant information in the appropriate columns.

  • Please include a rationale for the areas identified for growth, development and improvement.

  • Recertification plans should be checked for typos, grammar and spelling. Errors can misrepresent the writer’s intention.

  • There is no requirement to cover all the sub groups within each standard or competency. Thoroughly reviewing one clinical competency, one cultural competency that reflects New Zealand as a bicultural nation, and one ethical standard of practice can be sufficient.

  • The recertification plan need not be a long document. An overview of planned actions is sufficient as the auditor can ask for more information if needed. Ensure the information provided is concise and clear (the template includes a word limit).

  • Please ensure reflections relate specifically to a named competency or standard of practice.

  • Recertification plans should highlight how the identified areas for further development are being/have been/or will be attended to in addition to discussing or addressing it in supervision. The identified areas should be derived from your self-reflection.

  • As recertification plans are anonymous, please do not use identifiable names (such as a client or supervisor) within the body of the plan. Avoid using acronyms for the first citing of a place of mahi/work, modality or treatment option as not all auditors will be aware of what is being referred to.

  • Please be specific when providing examples of continuing professional development. For each example include a date. In the case of a seminar, course, reading or conference, include the name of presenter/author.

  • Cultural competence should reflect bicultural competence as it applies to New Zealand's bicultural society. It can also refer to age, disability, distinctive groups and organisations, other ethnicities, gender, migrant experience, occupation, political beliefs, religion and/or spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation and social economic status.

  • A flowchart of the recertification programme.

Recertification plan audit

Recertification plans are audited: this enables the Board to measure engagement in CPD. Psychotherapists can expect to be audited at least once every 5 years, and any psychotherapist who currently holds an APC may be selected to participate in a recertification audit. It is possible a practitioner may be chosen more than once over a 5-year period. 

The Board regards the recertification plan as a living document that may be changed in response to new understanding.

The audit process is intended to be supportive and where appropriate provide feedback to assist psychotherapists in using their recertification plan as an effective CPD tool.

Recertification plan audit exemptions or timeframe extensions

If you wish to apply for exemption from audit or a timeframe extension due to health or other extenuating circumstances, please contact the Board Registrar by the date specified in your audit selection communication.

Exemptions will need to be requested in writing and outline your rationale and specific circumstances.  Exemptions will be considered by the Registrar as soon as practicable.

New Zealand trained and qualified newly registered psychotherapists are exempt from audit during their first year of registration.

  • Click here to view the Board's recertification plan exemplar
  • Clikc here to view the Board's recertification and audit policy.