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How to renew your Annual Practising Certificate
2019/2020 APC Renewals

Applications to renew Annual Practising Certificates and to apply to have your name appear on the Register of non-practising psychotherapists will open on Monday 5 August for the 2019/2020 practising year.

Please use your personal login to complete this process. The login is located at the top left hand side of the Board website.

You must ensure that you have completed the online processes and mailed or emailed your completed application form to the Board before the expiry of your current certificate (30 September 2019). Forms can be signed and returned to the Board electronically

APC fees for 2019-2020

Completed application submitted by 1 October 2019 $850 inc GST
Completed application submitted after 1 October 2019 $1050 inc GST

Reduced fee for completed application submitted by 1 October 2019 $500 inc GST. For further information on the Board's reduced fee policy, please see: www.pbanz.org.nz/index.php?BoardPolicies

APC renewals

Please note that APC renewal forms can be signed and returned to the Board electronically

Updated forms
The form has been redesigned and updated. You can now save it as a Word document, complete it electronically and email it as an attachment.

You can still also download the from and complete it manually as before.

To renew your APC you will need to login to your personal profile using your email address and password https://secure.pbanz.org.nz/index.php?LogIn You MUST be logged in to have access to the APC renewal process. If you completed your registration manually, please contact the Board's Registrar on 04 918 4727.

All practitioners must advise the Board of their practice intentions each year. Once logged on, your options will be:

1. Renew your APC for the 2019/2020 practising year (1 October 2019 - 30 September 2020)

2. Retain your name on the Register of Psychotherapists as a non-practising psychotherapist.

If you hold non-practising status this means that you have no entitlement to work as a psychotherapist or state or do anything that is calculated to suggest that you are willing to practise as a psychotherapist.

Note: If you hold non-practising status for 3 years or longer you will be required to confirm your competence prior to your next APC being issued (should you apply for one).

3. Request to have your name removed from the Register of Psychotherapists.

All practitioners must choose one of the three options above and provide the Board with their completed application. Your application will be dated as received once your application is complete.

An application is considered completed when:
-You have completed the online steps required
-You have printed and completed the correct form (including receiving the appropriate signatures) and it has been received by the Registrar
-You have paid the appropriate fee

NOTE: your supervisor must sign your APC renewal form. Please take this into account and consider holiday schedules.

Important Information
If your APC has expired, this means that you have no entitlement to work as a psychotherapist or state or do anything that is calculated to suggest that you are willing to practise as a psychotherapist until the date that a new APC is issued to you. APC's are not backdated.

Psychotherapists who continue to work without a current APC will be in breach of section 7 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act (HPCAA)and may be referred to a Professional Conduct Committee for consideration of whether a charge may need to be laid against the practitioner before the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.

In addition, working illegally may put in jeopardy your indemnity insurance and ACC claims.

Should you have any questions regarding the APC renewal process, please contact the Board's Registrar.

You may find it easier to print this information now, so that it can assist you as you go through the renewal process

You must login to renew your APC

Step 1 - Login

Click here to log in

Login to your personal profile on the Board's website using your email and password (If you have forgotten this information contact the Registrar on registrar@pbanz.org.nz or 04 918 4727)

If you have completed your registration manually (on a form sent to you by the Registrar) contact the Registrar at the above address.


Send your completed APC renewal form to;

Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand
PO BOX 9644
Wellington 6141; or

Email: registrar@pbanz.org.nz


Contact registrar@pbanz.org.nz or 04 918 4727 with any questions

 17 Oct 2019, 8:56am

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