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Conditions on practitioners' scopes of practice

To protect the public, the Board is also responsible for making sure that psychotherapists keep high standards of practice by continuing to maintain their competence once they have entered the workforce.

On occasion conditions are placed on practitioners scopes of practice. Some examples of conditions placed on scopes of practice are

Competence to Practise in the New Zealand Context
"Within 12 months a practitioner with this condition on their scope will provide the Board with evidence that they are competent in the following areas: Te Tiriti o Waitangi and relevance to psychotherapy practice in bicultural NZ; Cultural and social dynamics and safety specifically relevant to bicultural NZ; Understanding of the New Zealand Health sector and New the Zealand law relevant to psychotherapy practice."

Practitioners who are deemed fit for registration but who are new to New Zealand may need to provide evidence of competence to practice in the New Zealand context. Practitioners shall review the Comparable Qualifications Policy. A copy of this policy is available on the Board's Board Policies

Return to work, Supervision
"Supervision arrangements as stipulated by the Board"
This condition is usually placed on a practitioner returning to work after a period of non-practising greater than three years. For more information on returning to practice please see the following section

Returning to practice

Application for change or removal of conditions on scope of practice

Please complete the form below and return to the Board's office with your payment.

Click here to download the document.