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Current Consutlations
Psychotherapy Training Provider CONSULTATION - Accreditation standards

The Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand (Board) is pleased to advise that it is now consulting with training providers on the following document:

Accreditation standards for psychotherapy training providers. Click here to download the draft
- Modality-specific programmes
- Professional development pathways
- Educational programmes

Please engage with your bicultural relationships, partners and other trainers within your training organisation.

The Board looks forward to receiving training provider responses. Please send your response to registrar@pbanz.org.nz on or before Friday 15th November 2019; Microsoft Word format would be appreciated.

The Board will use the information provided by training providers during this consultation period to further refine accreditation standards, before wider consultation.

Wider consultation will include programme/pathway providers, practitioners, stakeholders and members of the public.

Facilitated Consultation Hui
The Board will be inviting training providers to attend consultation hui in October 2019, prior to the end of this consultation period. Click here to download the invitation.

The purpose of these hui will be to discuss the draft accreditation standards and highlight key changes, provide clarification and answer training provider questions.

The following Board representatives will attend Facilitated Consultation Hui and be available to answer training provider questions:

Mr Gerald Te Kapa Coates; Layperson
Ms Suzanne Johnson; Board Chair
Mr Hamish Brown; Board Deputy Chair
Ms Jacquelyn Manley; Registrar

Training providers are welcome to submit written consultation responses before or following the Facilitated Consultation Hui.

Information on hui dates, locations and facilitators will be sent to training providers as soon as practicable.


General Consultation Information Click here to download the document.

 16 Sep 2019, 10:35am

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