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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (HPCAA)
The Board collects personal information needed in order to perform its functions as set down in the HPCAA. This is to assess your suitability to be entered into the Register of Psychotherapists, to assess your ongoing competence and suitability for the grant of a practising certificate, and to support the Boards duties in respect of any disciplinary, competence, or health matters.

Personal information may also be analysed used in a summary form only, for consideration of workforce and other psychotherapy issues.

The Privacy Act
The Privacy Act stipulates that the purpose for which the personal information is being collected must be disclosed and the information can only be used for that purpose. You can ask to inspect this information at any time and correct it if necessary.

The Register of Psychotherapists
The HPCAA requires all health practitioner regulatory authorities to maintain public registers of their practitioners. The purpose is to allow any person to check the register and determine if a person is registered in that field, their qualifications, whether or not they hold a current practising certificate, and any conditions or restrictions on their practice.

The Register of Psychotherapists can be viewed at the Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand's office during normal working hours. A copy can also be searched at this internet site (note: the register will only come on line after registration begins). This copy contains all of the publicly available information and is updated regularly.

Contact Details
The HPCAA specifies that the Board must decide whether or not to publish your address details as part of the public register. The Board has determined that it will publish your town only.

Other Personal Details
During its dealings with you the Board may obtain a range of personal details and store these in your file or in our database. It will record such details as are required to carry out its functions. These details will not be released to other persons except as described below.

Other Health Practitioner Regulatory Authorities
The Board will supply verification of registration and current good standing (or not as the case maybe) to other registration authorities if you apply for registration with them. In nearly all cases your application to the other authority includes your permission for them to obtain this information. If this is not the case then you must request this yourself.

Health Practitioner Index (HPI)
The Board will provide some of the personal information it holds to the New Zealand Health Practitioner Index (HPI). The HPI is maintained by the Ministry of Health on behalf of the Government. Its principal purpose is to uniquely identify health practitioners and to hold that information in a central, national database. It is hoped that the HPI will reduce the proliferation of identifiers used throughout the health sector, thus reducing administrative effort, and the risk of errors. It may form a basis for future e-commerce and electronic data sharing.

More information can be found at the HPI web site - www.nzhis.govt.nz/hpi/index.html.

The Health and Disability Commissioner - Other Judicial Authorities
The Health and Disability Commissioner is empowered by his legislation to obtain information he requires in support of his investigations.

The Board may also be required to provide some personal information to other judicial authorities. Examples are the Police and the Coroner. In each case the Board will satisfy itself that the organization concerned has the authority to require the production of the information requested before releasing it.